Big Iron in The Zuni Mountains

I have always wanted to be a writer and having done considerable research on the logging and railroad industries in New Mexico I have decided to write a novel based on the back-story of the Cibola Lumber and Mining Company. It will be historical fiction spanning four generations of the company’s founders and owners covering the years 1873 to 1950. This will be my first attempt at such a thing so do not expect New York Times Best Seller quality.

There will be some divergence from what I have already created for the garden railroad. Most notably George Breece will not be the company owner as he was a real person. I will not be changing the real life nature of historical figures just having my characters and events interact with them. Where necessary fictional characters will stand in for their real life counterparts.

I will try to post a chapter here each month but we will see if that is a realistic goal.

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