As of February 2015 the baggage car is still under construction. Below is the painting plan. Next to it are pictures of two different completed GAL kits and the original AMS car.

passbag1 passbag2

It began with an RTR AMS Jackson Sharp Combine. I am using a GAL-line kit which replaces the side walls to create a center door baggage car. You can find these for sale here:

First I dismantled the car, then using the original wall as a guide I assembled the new sides. The kit is laser cut with each side made of seven pieces: two ends, top and bottom door spacers, the door frame, the door sill and the door back. The spacers have to be cut to length and they determine the total length of the wall. The wall was assembled using styrene cement. It takes a little finagling to get it to fit the combine body.

passbag3 passbag4

The walls are held in place with tabs supplied in the kit. To properly place them I installed the wall and turned the car upside down. At this point I discovered the walls are 1/16th” to short to engage the cleats in the roof. I will have to add a strip of styrene to compensate for this.



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