I like cabeese..almost as much as cheese, that is why I have several. So far only two are painted and in use.

This shorty is used for the local run up and down the branch line. It is a repainted AMS product. It has a decent interior but I need to put a light and battery in it.


I have one more of these that I am going to remove the cupola from and use as a logging caboose. Transfer style.

For the main line I have two Bmann Spectrum long cabeese. They will be both be painted sage green to match the K-27s. They run the freight to and from Albuquerque. Gotta look sharp when you are out in front of those city folk.

I have all the parts to kit-bash a drover’s caboose. Not sure if it will be in Cibola green or in Mitford Yellow. Mitfords would be the primary user so it would make since that they own it.

The last caboose I have is the bobber for the mine train. It is scratch-built on top of the running gear from a Bmann side dump mine car.


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