What can you say about flatcars that is interesting? Not much. In fact when it comes to flatcars it is all about the load. I have quite a few flats and the final number is not set. Preparation is very simple; remove the trucks and then paint them, decal them and weather them. Two are sitting empty waiting for me to decide what their load will be.


Here is a look at what is being carried on the line.

First is this bulkhead flat. I made the ends out of bass wood and detailed them with NBW castings from Ozark Miniatures. The hay bales are from a party supply company. They are meant to be used as place card holders and table decorations for Western themed weddings. Just happens they are within one scale inch of an actual hay bale. The hay is real hay and therefore way to big but nobody every seems to notice. I have considered making my own press and using dried grass to make bales. Not sure that is worth the effort for now. The bales were soaked in a mixture of white glue and water to stop shedding and then glued on over a Styrofoam center support. The chain is from the jewelry supply isle at Hobby Lobby.

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This is a D&RGW flat in interchange service. The crates are from LGB, Woodland Scenics and American Diorama, custom painted and labeled by me. The tractors are resin cast kits in 1/20.3. I am not sure of the maker but I have seen them on other layouts in magazines and on-line.

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My latest addition is this load of three wood drums. I will post the build log of this as time allows.

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This flat is caring a Hubley, Model A Ford Sedan. The towns of Cibola and Broken Wheel are both close enough to Albuquerque that most people would take the train down and drive their new car back. Maybe someone with more money than time had this one shipped in from Oklahoma City or Dallas and then cross loaded to the narrow gauge.


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