I have three different types of gondolas operating on the mainline, one of each of the following although they represent many that would exist; drop-side, low-side and high-side. On the mine loop I have eleven of the side-dump style, five are filled with ore and six are empty. Here is a look at all of them.

Drop-Side Gondola #1021

This is a Bachmann spectrum, RTR that came painted but unlettered. I painted weathered and lettered it for the Cibola line. It is carrying a load of crushed silver ore from the stamp mill at the mine transfer to the smelter in Albuquerque. I have one more of these cars still in the box. I may model it as an empty version.


Low-Side Gondola #1017

This gondola is built on an Accucraft flatcar that was originally a tanker. At one point those were selling for as little as $60 each (half the price of an AMS flatcar) so I bought a bunch and removed the tanks. The sides and ends are made from bass wood with n/b/w castings from Ozark Miniatures. The torsion bars are brass rod with n/b/w castings covering the ends. The barrels are hollow resin castings made by me with labels done on the printer.


High-Side Gondola D&RGW #

This car represents one in exchange service. It is an Accucraft RTR right out of the box with just a little weathering. I am debating on repainting it for the Cibola.

Dump-Side Gondolas #’s

These are the four wheel mine cars made by Bachmann. The wheels, bogey and center beam are all metal giving them great tracking and performance. I modeled some empty and some full to give the impression of cars in use. Six is about the maximum that can be pulled around the mine loop without the train looking like it is chasing it’s own tail.




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