Livestock Car

The Cibola does not own any livestock cars but one major shipper on the line does. It also interchanges with the RGS and occasionally the D&RGW for moving livestock to and from eastern New Mexico.

To represent this rail traffic I have two RGS livestock cars. One is painted in the older oxide red and the other in the later flat black. These are Accucraft models and came painted and lettered RTR. I added some weathering but no other major work.

The other revenue shipper is the Mitford Livestock Shipping Service Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mitford Poultry Company. Most of what Mitford ships is heading to slaughter. These privately owned cars are represented by  two livestock cars and a poultry car.


The cars are repainted AMS models. The large letters and numbers are done with reverse stencils. The data are decals made with Testor’s decal paper on the printer.

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