The Entirely True, Mostly Improbable and Completely Unlikely Tales of Mr. Chickenfoot

Obadiah Chickenfoot is a fictional character who claims to be many things and always has a story to tell. They style of his yarns is often that the pretense is outrageously false with under emphasized points that are subtly surprising.

Below are notes and comments on each of the stories. Spoiler alert. Certain facts and references are explained in detail.


“The Time I Met a Dawg and His Hobo”

This backstory covering the death of the dog belonging to folk entertainer “Mr Bojangles” takes place twenty years before the song of the same name made famous by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

“The Time I Met the Googly Eyed Squirrel”

Mr. Chickenfoot gets mixed up with a long lost friend and a zombie squirrel.




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