Cibola Depot

I have delayed long enough (5 years) time to build the depot for the company town of Cibola. I actually started this project long ago but never got further than the base and stem walls. I like the size and the design but the material I have used does not really appeal to me. I think I can live with it if the rest of the construction job is good.

Currently the building is mounted on a piece of 1/2″ styrene plastic screwed to  a sheet of  3/8″ plywood. The walkway is made of birch coffee stirs laid out to look like tongue and groove flooring while the express freight / baggage dock is floored with pine tongue depressors.

The stem walls are made from cedar that has been run through the table saw to create a board and batt siding. This is the part I really do not like. It was an early attempt at trying to make the siding weather proof. It couldn’t peel off if it part of the original wood. It looks a little bird-housey to me but maybe it will improve once complete.

Here is the current status. I have included a 1/20.3 Greenman to give an idea of its size. Click on the pictures get a larger view.


There is no flooring on the inside as this building will not have an interior. Windows and doors will all be modeled closed.

depot 2

Getting started is dragging. I think the first thing to do is reinforce the walls and fix some of the gaps and alibis in the siding. You can see some of these areas at the corners and along the sides. Since this is made from scrap pieces there are quite a few misaligned joints to fix.

depot 6.jpg


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