Trains Running On The Layout

Here are pictures and videos. More to come as I go along. Click on the pics for a larger view.


Its April and cleanup is underway for the open house May 11th.

We have just had one of the best winters in two decades for moisture and temperature. nice and cold for extended periods to kill off the varmints and pests. Wet with plenty of snow to give the trees and shrubs a chance to stretch out their roots and gather strength for the spring.

Some pics of everything in bloom. I will post more as the blossoms come on.



More blooms…



And of course my bumper crop of weeds. The ROW is going to need a lot of work along with considerable repair on the ballast and features. Here is how it looked at the end of March.



I pulled some weeds and sprayed the ROW. After about two weeks everything was dead or close to it.



With over an inch of rain this week I am able to pull the dead weeds out with ease. But there is a lot of them. There is now a new crop of tiny weeds coming in. Mostly Russian thistle. I laid down a second spraying of poison. I think the the new crop is so small that the poison alone will do the trick.



Making some progress on those weeds.

f 10

Weeds are gone and bridge is repaired. I have also started the ballast work.



Finally the patio and layout are cleaned up and ready for the season.





May 10th

Largest storm all winter.

0730: Rain and sleet begin.

0830: Heavy wet snow starts falling.

0900: Full on winter storm.

I am not cancelling the open house although it may be raining or just to muddy to get on the layout and run trains. Not sure anyone will show up no matter the weather. Lot of BBQ for me and three kittens to eat.

May 11th: The Open House is a Success!!!!!

Open house has come and gone. Managed to dodge the weather even though it was a little cool. Here is Ray, Mike and Scott enjoying BBQ. Altogether about 14 people showed up.


Wynn arrived early and helped get the track cleared of debris from the previous days rain. He also brought a train to run. Most everyone was gone by 5:30 which was good as it started to rain again by 6:00. All and all a very successful event especially for this time of year in New Mexico.


As promised, some video of the trains. Disclaimer to all who were present: I am not responsible for anything you say while I am taking video of trains.



Videos from my layout and friend’s in the area.

After a month of effort I got the layout cleaned up.

A look at the mainline over the front pilot.

#37 doing a few laps to clear the tracks and blow out the spider webs. This train will be making the trip to Nashville Illinois for the June operating session on the Bluestone Southern RR.


Videos from my layout and friend’s in the area.

Engine # 51 pulling oil tank cars on the Cibola main. Twelve cars and the caboose. It can probably pull about twenty. I will give that a try later this fall. I need to do some maintenance on my track to prevent derailments before I add any more cars.

Engine # 51 running on the Cibola.

Engine #34 running on the Chili Line

A triple-head lash up running on the Chili Line.

Newly finished engines 37 and 51 join the ranks this year. Here are pics from the first spring session in early June. These were taken the same day as the video above.







A few shots from June. Look at that greenery. We are having one of the wettest summers in ten years.

rt18 rt19 rt20 rt21


Number 34 drags assorted freight in three different consists.




Here is the Consolidation again this time pulling oil cans around.

rt8 rt11

rt10 rt9



The mudhen #50 moving the varnish. The low trestle and two views of Roy’s cut. The high trestle in the last picture is now gone. Replaced by the quadrangular bridges. It’s parts will be utilized in the construction of “Ohmygawd” trestle later this summer.

rt3 rt4        rt12 rt13 

Number 5 trades empties for loads at the Carly-Jene #3 mine before snaking its way around the mountain to the stamp mill.

rt14 rt15 rt16

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