This year I will not be participating in the build but providing some of the prizes. Those of you who frequent LSC will recognize these three characters:

Allan Bupp – “Mik just Mik”


Bob McCown – “Benevolent Dictator”


Dave Taylor – “President, New Mexico Northern Railroad” (1/20.3 scale)


A scurrilous lot worthy of being immortalized by a mediocre modeler such as myself. With that in mind I decided to make a figure of each of them for awards. All three are kit-bashes from the parts bin in true Mik style. Mik and Bob are based on bodies from Railroad Avenue, Clancy and Slim respectively, while Dave inherited a Carlos Spirito torso. Mik’s head is from Woodland Scenics, Bob’s is an original done by myself and Dave’s head was cut from a Scale Humans figure. These were all drilled, pinned and super-glued at the joints to give them strength.


Following the headectomies, and an arm graph for Dave, I started the details using Milliput. Dave needed a kerchief and his trademark 315 D&RG hat plus a right sleeve. Mik had to have his vest turned into a coat and get his spectacles and scrawny mustache added. Bob was the simplest with his ball-cap and a little repair to the shirt collar. Thank goodness the figure was wearing pants so I did not have to model Bob’s knobby knees.


Following some sanding and carving they all got a coat of primer.


All finished just waiting on a shot of Treehouse matte sealer.


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