Freight Service

Freight service on the line consists of cars that are company owned, interchanged and privately owned or leased. Models are Accucraft AMS or Bachmann Spectrum series. Some are kit-bashed or heavily modified.

Most items are ready to run models that are repainted and weathered by me. Markings are either decals made with Testor’s decal sheet or reverse stencils using vinyl lettering. Flatcar and gondola loads range from kits to scratch-builds. I will post assorted builds here on the Freight Service page as I go along.

Uncommon Narrow Gauge Freight Cars

As a narrow gauge modeler I often find myself hemmed in by the limited needs and short time lines that dictate the prototype rosters. Most of their revenue was derived from serving a limited number of specialized industries. They simply did not need the wide range of car types that the class ones developed.  Since I want to have a number of special use cars I have to justify their existence on my pike with logical reason and settle for following prototype practice rather than absolute example.

This has created a roster that includes rare or “never was” narrow gauge rolling stock. I am to the best of my ability sticking to cars in use during my modeled time frame (1930 to 1939) as well as common designs based on standard gauge practice. Their presence on the railroad is more easily justified. All I need is an industry that would have existed in Northern New Mexico in the thirties and shape it as a railroad customer.


In this section you will find photographs and descriptions of the freight cars in my collection. Build logs are attached as sub pages to each category.

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