What’s New On The Site!

This is where you will find a list of the latest updates.

Updates for 2019

January 10th


Snow Train project: Build log for Rotary Snow Plow CM

Backshop: Disassembly instructions added for Bachmann Archbar trucks

January 1st


Figures Durability Test 2019: Figures from various manufacturers left outside for testing in the New Mexico Sun


Updates for 2018

August 26th


Sitting Figure For Coaches: Information for Accucraft, Bachmann and Just Plain Folks seats and benches

May 22nd

Trains Running On the Layout:

2018: Three new videos posted

“Clean up 2018”

“Tour of the Mainline”

“Prepping # 37 for a trip to the Bluestone Southern RR”

March 2nd


Cibola Depot:

Build log updated. (complete until after the NGRC in Atlanta)

Work Bench:


January 24th


Cibola Depot:

Build log updated.

January 3rd

Railroad Library:

New section added. All prose and stories have moved to this area.

“Big Iron In the Zuni Mountains” has been moved to here

“The Tales of Mr Chickenfoot” has been added (1 new story)


Cibola Depot:

Build log started.

Updates for 2017

November 1st


Green Man 3D Scaling Tool

June 9th


Build log completed: Moonshiner’s Shack

March 21st


Build log started: Lumber Camp, Moonshiner’s Shack

February 24th

Freight Service:

Caboose section updated

Livestock Car section updated.

February 19th

Freight Service: Loads for Flatcars, Gondolas and Hoppers.

Build log added: 55 Gallon Steel Drum Load

February 17th

Freight Service: Loads for Flatcars, Gondolas and Hoppers.

Build log added: Reels, Drums and Spools

February 4th


#50 Build Log added


Food: new section added

BBQ: new section added

Smoking Day article added (Brisket, pork ribs, salmon)

February 1st


#34 Build Log added


Build Logs

Saloon Girls and Cowboys – build log started

Research 4 the Railroad: (format change, articles are subdivided by year)


Meat from Farm to Market – a series of articles on livestock shipping and industry

Part 1: The Livestock Pens in Chama NM – posted

January 17

Mik’s Build Challenge:


Prize Figure build log posted

Freight Service

Triple Dome Tank Car – build log started


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