Completed Vehicles

Vehicles on the Layout.

1937 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

This custom made rider is sitting on top of a Matchbox 1/20 scale knucklehead motorcycle. He will be cruising into the town of Brokenwheel looking for a cold beer and a warm bed. For those that are interested, a build-log is posted on the main Vehicles page.


Overloaded Dust Bowl Okie Model T

This was made by cutting the roof off a Hubley Depot Hack and building the side rails out of strip wood.The cloth top was made by gluing a piece of linen to a square of mat-board and then saturating it with paint to make it sag. The family is from a variety of sources. Dad is a Tamiya pit crew figure. Mom is by LGB and the kids are DIY architectural figures. All have been remodeled and painted by me. Lots of custom made and painted details hang on the sides while a rag caps the top of the radiator. If you look close the truck has a 1938 OK license plate on it.


Uncle Bumpy’s Vegetable Stand Truck

This is a Hubley Depot Hack assembled as designed with a standard paint job. It has a period license plate for NM. The vegetables are a combination of craft items and hand made. Details on the stand will be in the Structures area.


State Prison Chain Gang Model T

Made from a Hubley Delivery Van, it has a full scratch-built interior and lots of handmade details. The driver is another Tamiya pit crew figure.

Dilapidated Ford Model A Coupe

It has some sun-bleaching, rust and sporting some replacement parts from an accident. Hubley model kit.

Chevrolet Coupe

Includes “mom” waiting in the passenger seat. Hubley kit.

Model T Open Cab Delivery Truck

This made from a Hubley Model T Runabout. The cab and bed are scratch built.


More as I get them done.

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