Mik’s Build Challenge

“Rule # 1: Remember this is a fun build among friends”

Mik’s Build Challenge is an annual event sponsored by Large Scale Central (LSC) model railroad forum, http://www.largescalecentral.com/

It is dedicated to Harry Allen “Mik” Bupp Jr., an avid garden railroader, steam power enthusiast and scratch-building modeler. Mik passed away in 2013 leaving a legacy of encouragement and fellowship to all who knew him. His best known creation within garden railroading is the annual build challenge held every January on-line at LSC. Since his death the torch has been passed to Dave Taylor, Mik’s trusted agent for many years.

Dave, at his own expense, has provided a basic starting point for the contest for the past four years to each participant. This has included  a wood kit for a shorty flatcar (twice), a resin cast door and this year, 40 sheets of scale corrugated metal. He is a class act by anybody’s measuring stick.

Starting last year the admin and owner of LSC, Bob McCown, created a separate topic category for the challenge making it easy to find the rules, build logs and results for each years entries. You can find the whole shebango here: http://www.largescalecentral.com/forums/39/annual-build-challenge

For Information on specific years scroll over the parent listing in the header above.

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